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RS-46MC fixed-simplex radio

The family of fixed simplex radios is designed for operation in radio communication networks of trains, maintenance crews hot communication networks and station MF and VHF bands communication networks.


Radios ensure control over a linear communication channel from the control  station and from control panels, which can be located both directly at the radio site and at a distance up to 20 km along physical lines or through the use of communication channels.

The radio electrical parameters and characteristics ensure interoperation with radio facilities used in the railway network.

In the MF band the radio ensures single-frequency simplex operation at one of the two frequences: 2.130 and 2.150 MHz. In the VHF band the radio ensures single- and double- frequency simplex operation at any of 171 operating frequencies within the 151.725—156.000 MHz range, the frequency spacing between the two adjacent channels being 25 kHz.

The power supply unit ensures powering of the radio from the main and backup primary sources. The main and backup power supplies are switched automatically.

Operating band, MHz 151.725—156.000 2.130 и 2.150
Transmitter power nominal, reduced, W 8—10 (1, 3, 5, 7) 10—14 (–)
Modulation F3E
Channel spacing, кHz 25 20
Receiver sensitivity, μV 0.5 5
Power consumption, W, no more than
— at stand-by reception 25
— at transmission 70
Main power supply, V 220 (-33…+22)
Backup power supply storage battery
Overall dimensions, mm 298х256х249

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