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RS-46MC fixed simplex radio

The RS-46MC fixed simplex radio is designed for operation within train, maintenance and station communication networks in MF and VHF bands.


The radios are controlled by dispatching radios via linear communication channels, by consoles located both at the radio site and at a distance of up to 20 km, along wires or via radio link.

Electrical parameters and characteristics ensure interoperation with radio facilities used in the railway network.

In the MF band, the radio ensures single-frequency simplex operation at one of the two frequences: 2.130 and 2.150 MHz. In the VHF band, the radio ensures single- and double-frequency simplex operation at any of 171 operating frequencies within the 151.725—156.000 MHz range, the frequency spacing between the two adjacent channels being 25 kHz.

The radio powers from the main and backup primary sources switched automatically.

Modular construction principle facilitates repair and upgrade. 

Parameter MF VHF
Operating band 151.725—156.000 MHz 2.130 and 2.150 MHz
Transmitter power 10 W 12 W
Channel spacing 25 20
Receiver sensitivity 0.5 μV 5 μV
Main power supply 220 (-33…+22) V
Backup power supply 24 or 48 V