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RVS-1 fixed radio

RVS-1 radio is designed for operation within train (PRS), hot repair (RORS-L) and stationary (SRS) communication networks on railway transport as a locomotive or fixed HF/VHF radio. 


Electrical parameters and characteristics of the radio ensure interaction with radio facilities used in the railway network. The fixed radio variant ensures interaction together with hot communication equipment (OTS) over LF and point-to-point channels with the existing terminal (control) stations SP-34 or SP-234M or the control stations of digital communication systems DX-500ZHT, KSM-400, Ob-128.  

RVS-1 radio can operate in the simplex mode simultaneously within FM and VHF bands. 

The radio can be controlled from one or two control panels, each of which can be located both directly in close vicinity to the radio and installed remotely from the control station and from the TU-TS interface.

RVS-1 power supply

  • for the fixed variant:
    • primary power supply is the 220V AC network
    • backup power source is a 36—72V storage battery
  • for the locomotive radio variant it is on-board network of 35—155V
  • for the mobile radio variant it is on-board network of 10—32V

Technical characteristics

ParameterMF bandVHF band
Operating band, MHz 2.130 and 2.150 151.725—156.0
Frequency spacing, kHz 20 25
Transmitter power, W:
— nominal 12 ±2 9 ±1
— reduced 1, 3, 5, 7
Receiver sencitivity, μV 5 0,5
Number of control panels 2
Overall dimensions, mm 240x205x130

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