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RVS-1 locomotive / fixed radio

The RVS-1 radio is designed for operation within train, maintenance and station communication networks on railway as a locomotive or fixed MF/VHF radio.


Electrical parameters and characteristics of the radio ensure interaction with radio facilities used in the railway network. The fixed radio variant ensures interaction with operational communication system via LF and voice-frequency channels in their communication with SP-34 or SP-234M dispatching radios as well as DX-500ZHT, KSM-400, Ob-128 digital communication systems. 

The RVS-1 radio can be operated in simplex mode simultaneously within MF and VHF bands.

The radio can be controlled:

  • by one or two control consoles located either at the radio site or remotely
  • by dispatching radios
  • via remote control/remote signalling

Power supply

  • fixed variant:
    • primary source — 220V AC network
    • backup source — 36—72V storage battery
  • locomotive variant:
    • 35—155V on-board network 
  • mobile variant
    • 10—32V on-board network
Parameter MF band VHF band
Operating band 2.130 and 2.150 MHz  151.725—156.0 MHz
Frequency spacing 20 kHz 25 kHz
Transmitter power:
— nominal 12 ±2 W 9 ±1 W
— reduced 1, 3, 5, 7
Receiver sencitivity 5 μV 0.5 μV
Power supply voltage 10—32 or 35—155 V
Overall dimensions 240x205x130 mm
Standards DMR, GSM-R
Built-in communications recorder optional
GPS/GLONASS optional