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DMR base radio / repeater


The product is designed to work as a fixed base radio or a repeater in analog and digital radio networks (DMR standard).

It provides recording of communications to the internal non-volatile storage device, as well as remote monitoring of radio network performance and its parameters status.  

The product can be operated around the clock with a 100% load, providing an output power of 25—40 W.


NameRangeNr. of transmitters/receiversSupply voltage
RB011 146.0—174.0 1/1 ~220V
RB011-01 =48V
RB011-02 ~220V/48V
RB011-03 2/2 ~220V
RB011-04 =48V
RB011-05 ~220V/48V
Frequency range 146.0—174.0 MHz
Transmitter power 40 W
Receiver sensitivity, not worse than 0.5 μV
Modulation types FM/4FSK
Frequency spacing 25/12.5 kHz
Radiolink protocol ETSI TS 102 361, Tier2, Tier3
Network interface Ethernet
Network protocol SIP, RTP
Built-in communications recoder yes
Status monitoring-management protocol SNMP
Power supply voltage  
— main source AC 220 V
— backup source DC 48 V
Form factor 19”/6U
Operating temperature range +5…+40 °C