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Base radio/ DMR RB011 standard repeater


The product is designed to work as a fixed base radio or a repeater in analog and digital radio networks (DMR standard).

The radio provides connection via IP network and communications recording to the internal nonvolatile memory. It also provides the remote control of the radio network operation and parameters.

The radio can operate 24 hour and provides power output of 1.8—25 W in an analogue mode and 1.8—40 W in a digital mode.


NameRangeNr. of transmitters/receiversSupply voltage
RB011 146.0—174.0 1/1 ~220V
RB011-01 =48V
RB011-02 ~220V/48V
RB011-03 2/2 ~220V
RB011-04 =48V
RB011-05 ~220V/48V
Frequency range 146.0—174.0 MHz
Transmitter power 40 W
Receiver sensitivity, not worse than 0.5 μV
Modulation types FM/4FSK
Frequency spacing 25/12.5 kHz
Radiolink protocol ETSI TS 102 361, Tier2, Tier3
Network interface Ethernet
Network protocol SIP, RTP
Built-in communications recoder yes
Status monitoring-management protocol SNMP
Power supply voltage  
— main source AC 220 V
— backup source DC 48 V
Form factor 19”/6U
Operating temperature range +5…+40 °C