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PS7, PS12 operator console


Operator consoles are designed to ensure connection and voice communications of digital/analog radio networks operators.

The product provides

  • network elements’ configuration and monitoring
  • connection to PABX via SIP
  • address book’ management
  • creation of the subscribers’ dynamic groups
  • establishment of the connection with the subscribers or subsсcribers’ groups
  • records’ listening
  • circular call with all the network subscribers
  • connection establishment between the network subscribers and PABX subscribers
  • communications recording to the internal or external recorders
  • radio subscribers’ location determination
Type of interface Ethernet 10/100BASE-T
Type of control sensor (Touch screen)
Screen size:
— PS7 7"
— PS12 12"
— connection management SIP
— voice transmission RTP
— status monitoring SNMP
Operating temperature range +5…+40 °C