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RN311M-15 DMR repeater radio


The radio is designed for use as a repeater integrated with the REG-F regenerative module of POTOK-2 system in analogue and digital DMR networks.

The radio is powered  remotely via physical communication lines.

The radio operates in digital linear channels based on IP networks. and features the Ethernet interface which allows connection of:

  • operator's control panels for communication with subscribers
  • data transmission equipment for subscribers
  • network monitoring and administration tools
Parameter Value
Frequency range  146.0—174.0 MHz
Transmitter power 2
Receiver sensitivity, not worse than 0.5 μV
Modulation types FМ/4FSK
Number of programmed channels 1—16
Frequency spacing 25/12.5 kHz
Radiolink protocol ETSI TS 102 361, TierII, TierIII
Vocoder type AMBE2+
Network interface Ethernet
Power supply

from  REG-F module with 8 V voltage

Time of continuous radio operation in Tx mode  ≤ 60 sec
Dimensions 200х154х61 mm
Weight  ≤ 1.1 kg
Operating temperature range °C –25…+50 °C