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МОSТ-3U radio modem

МОSТ-3U radio modem consisits of transmitter PP-3U and locomotive power supply unit, it is compatible with protocols of MOST-L radio station but has smaller dimensions, weight, wider voltage supply range and the possibility of choosing the communication interface. МОSТ-3U radio modem is designed in form factor 3U (100x160 mm) according to IEC60297-3 with DIN41612 adapter.


Interfaces available (the selection is made by the user) UART with 3.3—5 V, RS-232, RS-485
Input voltage range, V 50—150
Max current consumption in receiving mode, mА 100
Max overall dimensions, mm 190x75x135
Max weight, kg 1.2

About Manufacturer

Sales department: +7 3412 724 565
Chief designer for on-board telecommand systems: +7 3412 501 501
Chief designer for navigation and communication: +7 3412 682 659
Chief designer for check-out equipment: +7 3412 722 579
Fax: +7 3412 722 579
Email: svcomp@irz.ru

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