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IRZ-201-08-160 heating cable control unit


Control, monitoring of parameters and protection of the heating cable (HC) in the heating system of the produced well fluid.

The unit provides the following:

  • power supply of the heating cable with direct current (in the presence of a rectifier) and alternating current
  • continuous monitoring of electric mains parameters, wellhead temperature, currents in three phases, operating current of the heating cable and insulation resistance of the "transformer — rectifier — HC system" link
  • calculation of voltage and current imbalance, power consumption, operating time
  • connection of surface readout units of telemetry systems of various manufacturers
  • registration of monitored parameters and reasons for motor shutdown in real time with saving records in case of power failure
  • protection of equipment from emergency caused by failures in the electric mains and in the heating cable
  • automatic reclosure when parameters return to the operating range

The drive provides connectivity to the following equipment:

  • socket on the operator panel with a rated voltage of 220 V and a current consumption of up to 10 A
  • remote control (normally closed or normally open contacts)
  • the SCADA system by means of the RS-232 or RS-485 interface via the Modbus RTU exchange protocol
  • GPRS modem with the ability to upload information to the Internet
  • wellhead fluid temperature sensor


The unit can be completed with a rectifier installed between the transformer and the terminal box.


  • energy savings up to 20% due to smart holding of temperature at the wellhead using a PID controller
  • reliability and ease of maintenance due to the simple design and use of components from serial drives for ESP
  • small dimensions and weight, can be carried by two persons and transported by a passenger car
  • highly informative liquid crystal display 
  • ability to save history to a USB-drive
  • software update (and replacement of the CU controller) without shutting down the well heating
  • compliance with the requirements of oil companies and GOST R 51321.1
  • ability to include in the drive a set of electricity metering devices included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments

Automated HC system when the heating cable is located on the outer surface of the tubing


Automated HC system when the heating cable is located inside the tubing


Supply voltage 275—475 V
Control of the HC operating current (performed according to the transformer primary winding with recalculation into the HC actual operating current) 1—160 A
Monitoring of the insulation resistance of the "transformer — HC system" link 0—10000 kOhm
HC temperature control 1—100 °С
Error of monitored current, voltage, HC active power factor, time settings 2 %
Insulation resistance monitoring error 2—10 %
Overall dimensions:
— drive 1215х540х390 mm
— rectifier 740х566х293 mm
— drive 60 kg
— rectifier 40 kg
Operating temperature -60…+50 °С
Cabinet enclosure protection class IP54