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Kontur HD high-definition camera

The high-definition (HD) camera is intended for use as a part of video-surveillance, security and video-conference systems and other equipment. 

Thanks to complex video processing, the product produces high-quality images even with the use of a middle-level lens. The HD camera is available with lenses of different types. Alternatively, it can be supplied without lenses.

The HD camera compresses video images frame-by-frame with high image resolution and time referencing, which makes it suitable for use in automatic identification and recognition systems. Frequency of output video stream frames is decreased by decimation so that data flow from the HD camera is reduced without loss of moving objects image quality and compression efficiency.

The product can be incorporated in systems and complexes with network architecture. Data exchange, control and power supply are ensured by a single cable (UTP 5).

The camera automatically adjusts its parameters and operation modes to provide the highest picture quality according to the settings.

Configuration and software update can be carried out remotely (by an operator or software).

The camera is intended for operation in a wide temperature range (-45…+50°С) and able to withstand mechanical overstress and EM noise.

Installation is done using one or two threaded connections at the top or bottom side of its casing. The threaded connections are 1/4-20 UN-2BISO 263-1973 (standard threaded connections for photographic and video equipment).

To prevent frost-dew or dew formation, the HD camera provides optics heating. No additional heating of the HD camera or optics is required.

The product can be incorporated in a hardware and software complex defined by the customer.

Parameter Value
Image sensor CMOS, 5 MP (2592х1944), 1/2,5" color or monochrome
Sizes of images sent via two channels each having individual settings 5MP (2592x1944), 3MP (2048x1536), 2MP (1600x1200), 2MPHD (1920x1080), 0.9MPHD (1280x720), XGA (1024x768), SVGA (800x600), D1 (704x528), VGA (640x480), CIF (320x240)
Vertical resolution for small objects (TV lines) 1263 TV lines (1944р), 702 TV lines (1080р)
Resolution (vertical slanted edge) as per ISO 12233 for MTF50 level > 790 TV lines (1080р-color) 
> 850 TV lines (1080р-monochrome)
Dynamic range as per ISO 15739 > 60 dB
Adjustment range for auto-exposure time 0,020…1300 sec (set by user)
Illumination range for HD images, 30 msec max exposure time (n/a for night mode) 1 lux…117000 lux (color) from 0.3 lux (monochrome)
Frame frequency for HD images, sec up to 25 fps (inclusive) — (HD 1080р)
up to 12 fps (inclusive) — (HD 1944р)
Accomodation time, sec not more than 1 sec (for 25 fps), not more than 3 sec (for 12 fps)
Image (videostream) JPEG compression (MJPEG) with quality 20…90, 4:4:4/ 4:2:2/ 4:2:0
Power supply PoE class 0 according to IEEE8o2.3af (5W max) (via main and backup lines)
Cable length 120 m
Data channel Ethernet 1 Gbit/ 100 Mbit/ 10 Mbit
Data communication protocol, control logic HTTP, RTP/RTSP, WEB IP videocamera
Built-in protection against industrial noise and lightning Class 2 microsecond and nanosecond pulse noise, class 3 ESD, galvanic isolation with breakdown voltage up to 1 kV
Environmental operating temperatures  -45…+50 °С
Environmental limit temperatures -70…+70 °С
Overall dimensions (lens excl.)  44х44х81 mm
Weight (lens excl.)  > 230 g
Lens mount type С, СS