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Automated control system of pneumatic elements (ASKP)


  • the system is designed to carry out input or output control of pressure sensors, pneumatic relays and pressure alarms. ASKP allows to control insulation resistance, check electrical parameters, carry out functional control, build calibration tables when exposed to calibrated pressure from 0 to 350 atmospheres (from 30 to 36 MPa); and also simultaneously test several sensors of different types. The number of simultaneously checked products is determined by the maximum volume of the pneumatic line (up to 1 liter)
  • types of controlled pneumatic elements: DMP, DMP-A, DAP, DAP-M, DSU, 2S, 2SG, SSD, SPDK
  • the system consists of a control bench, a pneumatic panel, an armored chamber, a set of cables and inter-rack cables

System composition

  • control and measuring equipment based on the PXI standard, including PXIe modules of our own design and production: chassis, multimeter, programmable power supply 60 V, digital and analog input-output module, controller, load modules;
  • operator terminal
  • complex system for insulation resistance testing
  • uninterrupted power supply source
  • switching modules
  • technological switching panel with input automatic devices located on it, protection elements, external alarm, sockets for connecting a pressure control panel and an armored chamber (for testing pressure sensors)
  • pressure calibrator and vacuum pump with an accuracy class of 0.01 (limit of the basic permissible error ± 0.01% of the measured value in the range of 50…100% of the upper measurement limit and ± 0.005% in the range of 0…50% of the upper measurement limit)
  • control manometers of the required accuracy
  • dashboard with buttons, indicators and pressure supply valves
  • hidden connection panel


  • ASKP pneumatic panel and bench are industrial stands with IP31 protection degree on the wheels with clamps, overall dimensions WxDxH 600x800x1450 mm
  • armored chamber and pneumatic tooling is performed according to the individual requirements of the user
  • bench software is design by IRZ

System software platform

The software is developed in the LabVIEW graphical programming environment

The time of the system development is 6 months. Complete set of design documentation and program documentation according to ESKD and ESPD.

Parameter Value
Number of simaltaneously tested sensors  3
Maximum testing voltage for sensors  0—34 V
Measurement accuracy of electrical parameters  0,05 %URL
The system provides insulation resistance checking up to 20 MOhm at  500 V
Maximum positive manometer pressure   36,1 MPaG
Negative underpressure  30 Pa

Products and services

  • standard measurement equipment supply
  • multifunctional check-out equipment design and supply
  • radio engineering measuring equipment (up to 60 GНz)
  • measuring equipment systems for aerospace
  • software-hardware systems imitating the power system of on-board equipment (on-board net, battery, solar module)
  • automatic testers of harness products
  • modular devices designed by the company or developed upon the customer’s technical requirements
  • bench of automatic incoming control of radioelements, functional assemblies, pyrocartridges, explosive bolts, physical quantities' sensors including higher pressures
  • production of non-standard equipment, parts and assemblies, tooling, harness assemblies and switching module, including customized solutions.


  • high qualified designers’ team
  • well-established productive and technological infrastructure
  • integrated system of quality management ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2007
  • engineering and manufacturing in compliance with GOST (State Standard)
  • HI-End class measuring equipment use. Entering the products into the State register of Measuring.

Completed projects