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Input control bench for radioelements


Automated multi-purpose control and measuring bench for functional and parametric control of radioelements.

Application of the bench

  • testing and examination of newly developed electronic components
  • production and acceptance testing of serial products: qualification, periodic, go/no-go and acceptance tests
  • certification tests
  • input control

Functional capabilities of the bench

  • measuring unit operation' control
  • measuring unit instruments' calibration
  • program' operation in "TEST" and "MEASUREMENT" modes 
  • measurement in "Automatic" mode (sequential passing of the tests), "Step" mode (step-by-step passing of the tests with a stop at every test), "Cycle" mode (passing the tests by cycle)
  • parameters' control and value' measurement and go/no-go sorting
  • tooling' automatic identification
  • generating and editing an unlimited number of measuring test programs and test plans
  • generating the report in .XLS, .PDF format
  • accumulation of measurement results in the database 
  • user' identification and authentication system (functions and database access' control system)

Objects of control *

  • FPGA
  • diodes
  • diode assemblies
  • diode arrays
  • LEDs
  • Zener diodes
  • thyristors
  • solid-state, electromechanical relays
  • transistors
  • pulse transformers
  • optic couplers
  • integrated circuit breakers
  • operational amplifiers
  • comparators
  • reed switches

* — To the extent and according to the methods agreed with the customer.


  • remote tooling for testing electronic components in climatic chambers, on vibration benches when checking for special impacts
  • certification of software according to GOST R8.654-2015

Set composition

  • control cabinet with measuring unit based on PXI standard chassis and LXI instruments
  • table with ESD protection
  • terminal unit
  • set of connection tooling boards
  • special software


  • more than 5000 tooling boards have been developed
  • development of algorithms for operation at the bench according to the principle that excludes the human factor
  • increase in the number of tested elements and the volume of checks at the request of the customer in the shortest period of time due to the modular architecture of the hardware and software
  • providing open source software

Serial production since 2019.

Parameter Value
Resistance measurement 0—100 MOhm
Capacitance measurement 0—10000 μF
DC voltage measurement ±1000 V
Voltage measurement (alternating current from 1 Hz to 100 kHz) up to ±700 V
DC current measurement ±20 Amps
Precision voltage and current calibrator up to 100 V; up to ±150 мАmps
Programmable voltage and current sources from 0 to 40 V and from 0 to 19 Аmps;
from 0 to 600 V and from 0 to 1,3 Аmps
Signals oscillography Bandwidth from 15 MHz to 1 GHz / channel (up to 4 channels)
Signals generating Arbitrary / special form
Device for checking of electrical safety parameters Insulation resistance from 1 to 9999 MΩ
 Test current (DC) 0.001 to 10 mAmps
 Test voltage (DC) 0.05 to 6 kV

** — determined by the list of control objects

Products and services

  • standard measurement equipment supply
  • multifunctional check-out equipment design and supply
  • radio engineering measuring equipment (up to 60 GНz)
  • measuring equipment systems for aerospace
  • software-hardware systems imitating the power system of on-board equipment (on-board net, battery, solar module)
  • automatic testers of harness products
  • modular devices designed by the company or developed upon the customer’s technical requirements
  • bench of automatic incoming control of radioelements, functional assemblies, pyrocartridges, explosive bolts, physical quantities' sensors including higher pressures
  • production of non-standard equipment, parts and assemblies, tooling, harness assemblies and switching module, including customized solutions.


  • high qualified designers’ team
  • well-established productive and technological infrastructure
  • integrated system of quality management ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2007
  • engineering and manufacturing in compliance with GOST (State Standard)
  • HI-End class measuring equipment use. Entering the products into the State register of Measuring.

Completed projects