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Bench for environmental testing of electronic components for durability and reliability (Burn-in)


  • testing and examination of newly developed electronic components
  • temperature tests at various stages of production
  • certification tests
  • input control

Functional capabilities

  • control and electrical training in conditions of temperature effects of domestic and foreign production components in terms of electrical, time and functional parameters
  • monitoring of control objects parameters degradation


  • delivery without refrigeration unit
  • additional equipment with a 2nd thermal chamber
  • completing the bench with a system of toolings for connecting electronic components
  • certification of software according to GOST R8.654-2015

Software capabilities

  • measuring unit performance' control
  • measuring unit instruments' calibration
  • program' operation in  "TEST" and "MEASUREMENT" modes
  • measurement in "Automatic" (sequential passing of tests) and "Cycle" (passing tests by cycle) modes independently for each of the 8 channels
  • parameters' control and value' measurement go/no-go sorting
  • tooling' automatic  identification
  • generating and editing an unlimited number of measuring test programs and test plans
  • generating the report in .XLS, .PDF format
  • accumulation of measurement results in the database
  • recording test results to a file with the subsequent ability to export to compatible office editors
  • user' identification and authentication system (functions and database access' control system)


  • more than 5000 connection boards have been developed
  • development of algorithms for operation at the bench according to the principle that excludes the human factor
  • increase in the number of tested elements and the scope of checks at the request of the customer in the shortest period of time due to modular architecture
  • open source software in C ++
  • heat and cold chamber in a single design with a measuring unit
  • option to connect  several ETT benches into a single system
  • option to develop a bench for the customer's connection boards
  • a precision thermal chamber in the range from minus 80 to + 180 ° С

Bench composition

  • a precision modular thermal chamber
  • measuring unit based on PXI standard chassis and LXI instruments
  • "Euromechanics" 19 " rack
  • set of connection boards
  • customized software

Serial production since 2019.

Parameter Value
Measuring unit
Resistance measurement 0—100 MOhm
Capacitance measurement 0—10000 μF
DC voltage measurement ±1000 V
Voltage measurement (alternating current from 1 Hz to 100 kHz) V up to ±700 V
DC current measurement ±20 Amps
Precision voltage and current calibrator upto 100 V; up to ±150 мАmps
Programmable voltage and current sources from 0 to 40 V and from 0 to 19 Аmps;
from 0 to 600 V and from 0 to 1,3 Аmps
Signals oscillography Bandwidth 15 MHz to 1 GHz / channel (up to 4 channels)
Signals generating Arbitrary / special / multi-purpose shape
Device for checking electrical safety parameters Insulation resistance from 1 to 9999 MΩ
 Test current (DC) from 0.001 to 10 mAmps
 Test voltage (DC) from 0.05 to 6 kV
Thermal camera
Temperature range -80…+180 °С
Temperature gradient throughout the entire working volume

≤±2 °С

Amplitude of temperature fluctuations ≤±0,1 °С
Cooling rate ≥2 °С/min
Heating rate ≥4 °С/min
Working volume 19 L

** — determined by the list of controlled objects

Products and services

  • standard measurement equipment supply
  • multifunctional check-out equipment design and supply
  • radio engineering measuring equipment (up to 60 GНz)
  • measuring equipment systems for aerospace
  • software-hardware systems imitating the power system of on-board equipment (on-board net, battery, solar module)
  • automatic testers of harness products
  • modular devices designed by the company or developed upon the customer’s technical requirements
  • bench of automatic incoming control of radioelements, functional assemblies, pyrocartridges, explosive bolts, physical quantities' sensors including higher pressures
  • production of non-standard equipment, parts and assemblies, tooling, harness assemblies and switching module, including customized solutions.


  • high qualified designers’ team
  • well-established productive and technological infrastructure
  • integrated system of quality management ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2007
  • engineering and manufacturing in compliance with GOST (State Standard)
  • HI-End class measuring equipment use. Entering the products into the State register of Measuring.

Completed projects