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Solid-state lidar (IRZ SensL-01)


Lidar is designed for high resolution circular assessment of the surrounding area and distance measurement at any time of the day and in any weather conditions. Lidar is a part of the technical vision subsystems of ADAS systems or autopilot in unmanned systems. Supports ADAS driver assistance systems that has from 3 to 5 levels of autonomy.


Robotics, automotive industry, rail transport and UAV.

Features and capabilities

In combination with other sensors of ADAS systems, the lidar provides detection of the surrounding objects, map development (for unmanned systems), semantic description of the surrounding space, collisions prevention warnings. 

Product status

Prototyping and performance testing.


Object detection distance

≥100 m

Accuracy of distance determination, not more than

≤0.08 m

Field of view:
— horizontal 60°
— vertical 10°
— horizontal ≥0.5°
— vertical ≥0.625°
Data update rate ≥10 Hz
Operating temperature minus 50…+60 °С
Temperature limits minus 60…+70 °С
Dimensions 216х210х133 mm
Weight ≤3 kg
Pulse repetition rate ≥50 kHz
Pulse width ≤3 ns
Optical output power ≥60 W
Detection of laser radiation Photons
wavelength 905 nm
detection range ≥100 m
Number of receiving channels 16