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IRZ SensVRS-01 Video camera with rolling shutter


Video surveillance and object recognition. IRZ SensVRS-01 is a part of ADAS driver assistance systems that has from 3 to 5 levels of autonomy. Supports robotic systems of various function.


Sensors of ADAS (driver assistance systems) and robotic systems.

Features and capablities

IRZ SensVRS-01 video camera films the surrounding space and forms a video sequence for further analysis on a powerful central computer when performing the functions of vehicle driver’s assistant system or autopilot’s assistant of a robotic system.

Product Status


Parameter Value
Image resoution 1920х1080 (1080p), 1280х720 (720p)
Frame rate 60 fps (720p), 30 fps (1080p)
Shutter type CMOS array AR0431 ON Seimiconductor with rolling shutter, high sensitivity in the near-IR, automatic or customized white balance, exposure setting
Video format uncompressed flow (RGB)
Frames compression no
HDR availability оptionally
C and CS-mount types lens support optionally
Frames transmission to the external computer by interface USB 3.0
Supply voltage 5 V
Average power consumption 1.5 W
Continuous operation time ≥24 hours
Resistance to radio frequency electromagnetic fields according to GOST P 51317.4.3-99, the 2nd  level of test stringency , “C” quality of the operation
Weight ≤190 g
Overall dimensions ≤30х30х30 mm
Impact resistance 150 m/s2
Vibration resistance 50 m/s2
Operating temperature -30…+70 °C