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Radar 24 GHz (IRZ SensR-24.01)


Measurement of the range, angle (azimuth), direction and radial speed of vehicles movement.


As a part of vehicles video recording and registration systems.


Product status

Engineering, field tests of prototype.

Road width 16 m
Maximum detectable distance to a car 150 m
Minimum detectable distance to a car 10 m
Deviation of the absolute distance value determination 3% / 0.5 m
Radial speed range -350…+350 km/h
Minimum determined absolute value of the radial speed 2 km/h
Deviation of determining the absolute speed value ≤1 km/h
Viewing angle:
— azimuth -15…+15 °
— elevation angle -8…+8 °
Simataneously detected targets up to 64
Data refresh rate  ≥20 Hz (25 fps)
Communication interface RS-485 (CAN option, Ethernet)
Connector type (plug) 09 0427 90 08 BINDER
Start-up time ≤1 min
Supply voltage 12 V
Power consumption 8 W
Environment operating temperature range -40…+50 ºС
Protection rating IP67
Impact resistance of the front cover of the body IK10 (option)
MTBF ≥30000 hours
Average service life ≥5 years
Overall dimensions, (LxWxH) 95х85х45.5 mm (95x85x50 mm for IK10)
Mounting hole M3х6-10/0.5х45°
Weight ≤460 g