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Radar 76 GHz (IRZ SensR-76.01)


Measurement of distance, speed and angle to the objects located in front in any weather conditions.


Sensors of ADAS (driver assistance systems) and robotic systems.

Product status


Parameter Value
Long-range mode distance ≥250 m
Short-range mode distance ≥40 m
Viewing angle in a long-range mode:
— azimuth -6…+6°
— elevation angle -2.5…+2.5°
Viewing angle in a short-range mode:
— azimuth -60…+60°
— elevation angle -2.5…+2.5°
Minimum range of detection 0.2 m
Range of detection in a long-range mode:
— a car ≥250 m
Range of detection in a short-range mode:
— a car ≥40 m
Maximum power of the emitted signal ≥10 mW
Maximum number of objects detected at one time ≥64
Relative speed of the detected objects -300…+200 km/h
Resolution in three parameters:
— far-field range ≤1.5 m
— near range ≤1 m
— speed ≤2 km/h
Data refresh rate ≥15 Hz
Transceiver frequency range 76—81 GHz
Interface for communication with an external computer CAN (Ethernet option)
Overall dimensions, (LxWxH) ≤178х138х69 mm
Weight ≤1700 g
— under normal conditions ≤1 min
— at low temperature minus 40 ºС ≤5 min
Supply voltage 12 V
Power consumption 12 W
Environment operating temperature range -30…+60 ºС
Environment temperature limits -40…+70 ºС
Protection rating IP66
Average service life 10 years