Main businesses

Products and services

  • all types of mechanical processing
  • electroplating and application of paint (powder) coating of parts made of steel, titanium, magnesium, aluminium, and other alloys 
  • application of conductive coating by gas spraying machine
  • production of items from thermosetting, thermoplastic plastics and rubber
  • Al alloys die casting 
  • design and production of molds, dies, tooling, accessory tools


  • design of toolings, molds, and dies
  • production 
    • machining of parts made of any metal using milling, turning machining centers
    • production of high-precision body parts
    • stamping using CNC turret punching machines
    • structural soldering of Al alloys parts in molten salt
    • vacuum soldering of titanium alloys
    • laser welding
    • gas soldering, arc welding of steel, magnesium and aluminum alloys in shielding gas
    • soldering of waveguides and body parts in molten salt
    • molding of parts from polystyrenes, polyethylenes, polyamides, and other materials
    • pressing of rubber parts and thermosets
    • die casting of aluminum alloys
    • heat treatment of steels and non-ferrous metals
    • mechanical and assembly work
  • measurements and tests
    • Rockwell, Brinell, and Vickers metal hardness tests
    • shore A hardness measurement of rubbers
    • charpy impact strength measurement of polyamide
    • measurement of surface roughness of metals
    • linear and angular measurements

Chief executives

Oleg Pushkarev

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Evgeniy Shemyakin
Deputy Director

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