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MOST radio modem

The radio (radio modem) MOST is designed for digital data exchange over a radio channel in a simplex and (or) half-duplex mode.

Fields of application

  • exchange of data packages
  • telemetry with a bidirectional data flow
  • signaling systems
  • remote control of distant objects
  • control systems for production, transport industry


The radio is connected to peripherals via a standard serial port RS-232. Power cables and antennas are connected to jacks on the modem rear panel. A metal housing ensures a high level of protection against external disturbance. Transceiver modules and power modules are rigidly attached to one another.

The radio (radio modem) has a wide range of service functions, which increase its performance characteristics; there is a possibility of measuring and outputting data on the level of an input signal, voltage standing-wave ratio of an antenna-feeder device, supply voltage, temperature inside the transmitter housing etc.

Transceiver operation mode: simplex and (or) half-duplex
Frequency band, МHz:
— «PP-М» 146—174
— «PP-D» 450—470
Data rate, bit/s 9600
Minimum frequency spacing, kHz 25
Transmitter input power, W 5; 10; 20*
Probability of invalid reception of bits at the input level of 2 mV at a rate of 9600 bit/s, (PP-М and PP-D), not less 1х10-6

Probability of invalid reception of bits at the input level of 0.7 mV at a rate of 9600 bit/s, (PP-М and PP-D), not less

Probability of data set delivery in noise free mode at the input signal level of 0.2 mV at a rate of 9600 bit/s 0.9999
Number of channels up to 16
Modulation GMSK

* — other values can be programmed within 3—23 W.

Operating data

Operating temperature range, °С -40…+60
Temperature storage limitation, °С -50…+70
Time to failure, h 40000
Average lifetime, years, not less 15

MOST radio (radio modem) modifications

VersionConfigurationFrequency band, МHzPower supply voltage, VMass, kgOverall dimensions, mm

MOST-M/MOST-MM car version

PP-D/PP-М 450—470/ 146—174 13.2 1.7 ±0.2 220x230x48
MOST-М1/MOSТ-ММ1 locomotive version PP-D/PP-М, BP 48/12 В 48.0 4.1 ±0.3 280x240x97
MOST-S/МOST-SМ fixed version PP-D/PP-M, BPS 220/12 V 220.0 7.3 ±0.3 280x230x171
MOSТ-S1/МОSТ-SМ1 fixed version PP-D/PP-М, BPS 220/12 V* 220.0 7.3 ±0.3 360x230x171
МОSТ-L locomotive version PP-МL, BP 48/12 V 146—174 48.0 4.1 ±0.3 280x240x97
МOSТ-V van version PP-МV 13.2 1.3 ±0.2 206x142x60
МОSТ-МL car version PP-МL 13.2 1.7 ±0.2 220x230x48
МОSТ-SL fixed version PP-МL, BP 48/12 V 220.0 7.3 ±0.3 280x230x171
МОSТ-SL1 fixed version PP-МL, BPS 220/12 V* 220.0 7.3 ±0.3 360x230x171

* — with the RS232/RS422 interface converter board

PP-3U transmitter
PP-3U transmitter is compatible with protocols of PP-ML transmitter but has smaller dimensions, mass, power consumption and the possibility of choosing communications interface.

МОSТ-3U radio modem
МОSТ-3U radiostation consisits of transmitter PP-3U and locomotive radio components supply unit, it is compatible with protocols of MOST-L radiostation.

About Manufacturer

Sales department: +7 3412 724 565
Chief designer for on-board telecommand systems: +7 3412 501 501
Chief designer for navigation and communication: +7 3412 682 659
Chief designer for check-out equipment: +7 3412 722 579
Fax: +7 3412 722 579
Email: svcomp@irz.ru

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